Who is Debily?

The story of Debily begins many years ago, when I was a child on yet another “great American road trip” with my parents. You see, I loved reading the “Mrs. Piggle Wiggle” books and playing a board game called “Uncle Wiggly”. So, while we were driving through some God-forsaken rural highway in Podunk, U.S.A., my mother could barely contain her excitement when she spotted a grocery store with a name made just-for-me. Full of glee, my mother cried,

“Look! There’s a Piggly-Wiggly, Debily!”

And just like that, a new name was born.

I was born a Yankee, grew up near South Beach, and finally reached The Great State of Texas after high school graduation. Though I attended college near Boston, I did fall in love with an Aggie and consider myself an Aggie-by-marriage. My husband and I have been married since 1993 and have been blessed with two beautiful children, a son and a daughter. I am a teacher by profession, but have been fortunate to be a stay-at-home mom/piano teacher since 2000. These days, I find great joy in being involved in my family’s life through volunteer activities in our church, Scouts, and my children’s schools.

I love to laugh and enjoy spending time with friends. I am convinced my spiritual gift is shopping, and I try to nurture that gift as often as possible, and encourage others to join me. My hobbies include reading, writing (blogging), scrapbooking, and music, and I try to enjoy working out at the gym and running when I can. I am addicted to chocolate and Diet Coke, but will often burn up those calories by cleaning house and organizing my stuff. I love to watch sports (baseball, football, & basketball), and though I am a proud citizen of Red Sox/Celtics/Patriots nation, I enjoy rooting for the home team as well (Go Rangers!  Go Mavs!).

So there, you see, I truly AM scribbily, scrappily, gotta be…Debily!