Skating on Thin Ice

Okay, I admit.  The ice wasn’t *that* thin.  In fact, it was plenty thick.  And poured over a concrete slab inside an air-conditioned mall.  But still, you have to admit, the title works much better than, “You Should Really Read This Post About the First Time My Daughter Went Ice Skating.”

Last year, as outings coordinator for Crisana’s Brownie Troop, I instituted a monthly “fun” outing for the girls, appropriately named “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”  The purpose of these outings were to give our girls an opportunity to do something that would encourage them to develop as friends.  No goals to work toward, no lessons to be learned, no achievements to be completed…just fun times with friends.  If they developed a new skill or learned a valuable life lesson or earned an award or completed an achievement, so much the better.  But at its core, these activities were designed for fun, memory-making, and hopefully building lifelong friendships.

The activities last year were such a big hit that we decided to continue them this year.  One of the other Troop Leaders suggested that this might be a great time of year to take advantage of ice skating, what with the record heat and drought and all.  So, with the help of a groupon coupon from another Troop Mom, off we went to the great frozen tundra known as “The Ice at Stonebriar Centre.”

For most of the girls, this was their first experience on two blades.  And of course, being girls, it was all about the funky socks.

The girls were all a bit wobbly and uncertain at first.  I mean, this *is* Texas, after all.  We don’t get much snow…unless you count the past two winters.  But still, our ponds and lakes don’t freeze hard enough to skate on.

Thankfully, to the rescue came the skating lesson.  It was free and about 10 minutes long, and gave the girls some specific skills and activities to work on.  The girls eagerly listened and participated.

Following the lesson they all received a free pass to attend another class on a Saturday morning.  They spent the rest of their skating time practicing their newly acquired skills and building their confidence.

And of course, hanging out with their friends and forging new relationships.

Because if there’s ever a time when you find yourself on thin ice, it’s good to know you’ll be surrounded by friends.