Let the hunt begin…and end

It was a day of firsts…and lasts.

Crisana’s very first Promiseland Easter Egg Hunt.  And, at the same time, her very last Promiseland Easter Egg Hunt.

Perhaps I should explain a bit.

We’ve participated in Easter Egg Hunts with our church before.  When our children were very little, we took part in PCBC’s Resurrection Parties which included a hunt for Easter eggs along with other fun activities.PCBC Egg hunt (3) 4-19-03

4-15-06 Crisana hunting (4)

But when we moved to Fairview, we started a tradition that soon became our own family outreach ministry to our neighborhood, the annual SCE Easer Egg Hunt.

3-15-08 Happy Easer sign

Each year, sometimes on our own, sometimes with the assistance of a neighborhood or HOA committee, we have hosted the hunt in our yard.  While it’s not particularly difficult to plan or even execute, this is an undertaking that takes the better part of a Saturday afternoon to set up, host, tear down and clean up.  A Saturday afternoon that is usually the same as the Promiseland Easter Egg Hunt at church.  And so we have missed out, for all the years we’ve been members of Christ Fellowship.

This year, due to a number of issues, we were unable to host our beloved Easer Egg Hunt.  And that freed us up to participate in Christ Fellowship’s event.  Except they’re actually smart enough to call it for what it is: not a hunt, but an egg scramble.  Yep, throw all the filled eggs into a giant open field, section it off by ages, and let the kids go after it.  Fire ant and chigger bites at no additional charge.  Sugar ants and roly polies stuck to the candy inside is an extra protein boost.

Crisana was thrilled to be a part of her first ever egg scramble.4-19-14 Crisana with her basket

There was only one small problem: her basket was empty.

4-19-14 Before - the empty basket

3…2…1…GO!  And off they went.  Scramble was a good word for it. Scrambling forward, backward, over each other, stepping on eggs…yep, there was a whole lot of scrambling going on.  But in the end: SUCCESS.  A basket full of eggs.  Not so full of candy, but full of eggs.

4-19-14 After - basket is full

Regardless of the amount of candy, it was a fun time.  And since this is our first…and last…and ONLY Promiseland Easter Egg Scramble, I can honestly say it was – and will always be – our favorite one EVER.