Fellowship of the Ring

It’s Happy Mother’s Day, and I am one happy mother.

Not just because I get to enjoy sloppy kisses from my darling children.

5-12-14 Happy mothers day

Not just because I get to wear the name “mom.”

5-12-14 My two kids

And not even just because they give me gifts like this, to show their support of the things I love to do.


No, it is because I am part of a FAMILY.  A family of my very own.  A family that Matt and I – with God’s help and favor – created.

A family that loves me more than I deserve.

A family symbolized by this:

5-12-14 Family ring

My family ring.  Aside from my wedding ring, the most beautiful piece of jewelry I own.

And just as significant.

Let me explain.

The center stone, the sapphire, is Matt’s birthstone.

He represents the head of our home, the spiritual center, the name-carrier, the foundation on which we build our family.

Circling the sapphire is a row of diamonds.  My birthstone.

A circle of unending love, undying support, endless encouragement, eternal respect to surround him.

And out of our circle of love, we have been given two beautiful jewels, sparkling garnets, our children’s birthstones.

They stand beside us, making our circle complete.

One on our left, one on our right, both dazzling red, holding our hands and our hearts

as they grow and mature into the gems God created them to be.

Jewels in our crown,

precious to God…and to us.

My beautiful family.

Unique in its design.

Priceless in its setting.

Crafted with care by the Master Himself.

Given with joy.

And I am humbled…truly blessed.

On this Mother’s Day, it’s true.

I am a happy mother.