1. No, you can’t substitute the Phish Food for the cheesecake. You already had a tub of ice cream earlier. I also think i see a typo…please replace “4 glasses of wine” with “4 bottles of wine.” Great post!

  2. Wow!! I didn’t even know I was eating healthy already!! I think for variety, you could substitute the late night snack with a deep fried chimichanga and 2 snickers ice cream bars and to help you sleep top it off with a xanax just in case you aren’t already in a sugar/insulin coma.

  3. Oh yeah….white wine does not go with pizza. So it would have to be 4 bottles of red wine. I think white wine goes better with ice cream though.

  4. […] do you get when you cross the South Beach diet with the coping diet?  This past week.  This past week I bottomed out with a total weight loss of 30 pounds!  Yeah.  […]

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