You say it’s your birthday

Well, technically, it’s not.  That would be yesterday.  But today’s the day we’re officially “celebrating” as a family, so we can pretend yesterday never happened. This year I turn 39.  Yep, I’m just 12 short months away from “The Big One.”  That gives me 364 days to try to somehow reclaim my youth before I … [Read more…]

To-Do List

It’s spring, and you know what that means! No, no, no, I’m not talking about wearing white shoes and losing an hour of sleep and being totally scared of your own pasty white legs after months of hiding beneath jeans…. What I’m talking about is spring cleaning!! And that means to-do lists! At least it … [Read more…]


OMG.  The last two weeks have been absolutely a blur.  I am so far behind on my posts. So strap yourselves in, my friends.  It’s snowing,  piano students are canceled, Crisana’s napping, and Trey’s not home from school yet.  That pile of dishes in the sink can wait.  Cleaning the bathroom can wait.  Ironing the … [Read more…]

Tag, You’re It

If you are reading this, you’ve officially been tagged. I received this as an email, but decided to go ahead and put it on my blog instead. So, TAG. Now it’s your turn. After you read all about me first, that is. 1 What time is it 8:00 A.M. 2 What’s your full name Deborah … [Read more…]