Redefining Heroism

Who is your hero? My future principal sat across the desk from me, pen in hand, a giant 3-ring binder in her lap.  She looked at me expectantly, as the tape recorder whirred in between us.  I was interviewing for a potential teaching position in her district – ideally, in her school – and my … [Read more…]


Ah, January 1.  That glorious day when we say “good bye” to the old and “hello” to the new.  That day – that singular day – on the calendar when the blank space of 365 unknowns spreads out before us like a book waiting to be written.  That day, much like the first day of … [Read more…]

Full of Hot Air

I’m sure you can’t imagine a more fun way to kick-start your Saturday morning than with a pop quiz, so here we go. Does this title refer to: A) Me. B) Matt. C) The great “Mexican Plume”, a.k.a. “The Cap”, a.k.a. the meteorological phenomenon that Texans experience when a thin layer of hot air off … [Read more…]

Happy Together

Today, we celebrate our 18th anniversary.  That’s an entire childhood’s worth of marital bliss.  If our marriage was a child, it would now be graduating from high school and preparing to enter college.  It could vote.  It could hold a driver’s license.  In some states, our marriage could legally drink, and in a perplexing train … [Read more…]

Can u rd ths txt?

It’s my birthday.  But I’m not going to tell you how old I am.  The people at Chili’s told everyone I’m celebrating 21.  And they’re right.  This is the 21st celebration of my 21st birthday.  I promise you, I remember it just like it was yesterday, which I’m truly convinced it was. In an effort … [Read more…]


********DISCLAIMER********* This is girlfriend humor at its finest.  Boys are welcome to read at your own risk.  But don’t say I didnt’ warn you. Part of the joy of growing older is the way “routine” medical checkups begin to change.  Suddenly, doctors are very interested in the most private parts of your body, needing to … [Read more…]