Book Review: While Beauty Slept

Ah, the classic fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. We all know the story: a beautiful princess is born, after many years of longing, to the delighted King Stefan and Queen Leah. A joyous celebration ensues, where all the good fairies of the land come to bequeath gifts of talent, beauty, and song…until the unwelcome Maleficent … [Read more…]

Book Review: The End of Everything

The End of the School Year means one thing: trips to the library for some great summertime reads. The End of Everything means something very similar: a great summertime read. In this story we are introduced to 13-year-old Lizzie Hood and her best friend Evie Verver, who conveniently happens to live across the street. Lizzie … [Read more…]

Book Review: Teaching Kids Authentic Worship

I know, I know.  Another non-fiction book in a span of just a couple weeks.  You’re probably wondering who are you and what have you done with my Debily?  But I promise, this is only small diversion.  Every once in awhile I *have* to read a work-related or ministry-related book.  I’ll get back to my … [Read more…]

Book Review: ABC: a Novel

They say the third time’s the charm.  In the case of this book, I was desperately hoping that “they” were right. For one thing, this was the third summer I’d checked this book out.  That must mean I was compelled to read it, right?  Then I wouldn’t have to check it out again next summer. … [Read more…]

Book Review: Sisterchicks Down Under!

It’s been 5 years since my last Sisterchicks adventure, so I decided it was time for another one.  Last time, it was Finland.  This time, New Zealand.  It’s quite honestly the cheapest vacation I’ve ever had. I thought I’d be catching up with old friends.  But no, we were introduced to two new friends, Kathleen … [Read more…]

Book Review: You Herd Me!

…and now for something COMPLETELY different. I’m not usually a fan of nonfiction.  Matt bought me a book on Terry Francona for my birthday one year.  I have to dust it off every so often…like, literally.  With a dustcloth.  We purchased a whole set of books on marriage when we were newlyweds.  They’ve looked terrific … [Read more…]

Book Review: Jacob’s Oath

This is the summer of the the new arrivals.  Here is another gem I discovered in those lovely bookshelves at the front of the library, those shelves that allowed me to avoid climbing the staircase only a couple weeks after my knee surgery.  Yay for new arrivals! It seems as though I am drawn to … [Read more…]

Book Review: The Nightspinners

Remember my last post about popcorn books?  And how Girl Soldier was definitely NOT a popcorn book?  Well, guess what?  This one is.  In fact, if you look in the dictionary under the phrase “popcorn book” you’ll see this picture. This book was a real change of pace for me, a sort of supernatural thriller.  … [Read more…]

Book Review: Girl Soldier

Some books are what I call “popcorn books”.  You sit down with a bag of freshly-popped Orville Reddenbacher’s and one of those books and before you know it, you’ve not only polished off an entire bag of popcorn, but also a few hundred pages of brain candy. Let me be very clear about this: Girl … [Read more…]

Book Review: Trains and Lovers

Never judge  a book by it’s cover. Or by its title. By all accounts, this is a cheesy book, with a cheesy title, written over cheesy cover art, containing with a cheesy plot line.  But the moment you read the first line, you realize this cheese is not at all what you expected: a gourmet … [Read more…]