Love in 5 Languages, Part 3

I got a little behind this week, so I’m going to catch up from Wednesday.  So now, we move on to the language of words of affirmation.  Oops, better make that quality time, as I got confused on the order! I have a child whose love language is DEFINITELY quality time!   I won’t mention … [Read more…]

Fun with similes!

Ah, similes. No, not those silly little emoticons you put in emails. Those are smileys. I’m talking about similes. Those darned vocabularological comparisons you had to study in high school for no other reason than to pass the SAT, get into a good school, and prepare you for a profession in which the only simile … [Read more…]

Love in 5 Languages, Part 2

This week, we get into the “meat” of the course, the discussion of the actual love languages.  Through my own personal observation, I’m pretty convinced that physical touch is Trey’s primary love language.  Even at age 7, he still loves to snuggle, he holds my hand, and he’s pretty demonstrative in his affection to others. … [Read more…]

Fulfill your destiny – NOT!

The best laid plans…are the ones most likely to go wrong. Or something like that. I think Murphy stinks. And his whole law should be thrown out the window. A SECOND STORY window, at that. Okay, let me explain. Today being Labor Day and all, we decided to do some family bonding. A little road … [Read more…]

As ready as a lever bee

Ah, the nuances of the English language. So hard to decipher. Especially when you’re 7. Or 4. As a former English minor in college, I cannot let these miscues go unnoticed. No, I must sit there and laugh myself silly, because after all, my kids are so darn cute. In that spirit, I offer you … [Read more…]