Build a Better Birthday

When you’re a kid, you don’t really pay attention to days on the calendar.  They’re all pretty much the same: boring white squares with numbers in the corner that get filled with Mom and Dad’s chicken scratch and occasionally cause their blood pressure to rise. But there are three days that actually matter.   Three days … [Read more…]

What Matters Most

Hoo-boy.  What a week. And not in that “Christmas-is-a-week-away-and-I’m-not-done-with-my-shopping” sort of way.  No, this is far more serious. It’s been a week where “peace on earth, goodwill toward men” has been replaced by division and strife, and ugly words – words like “racist”, “intolerant”, “hater”, to name a few – have been hurled across social … [Read more…]

Redefining Heroism

Who is your hero? My future principal sat across the desk from me, pen in hand, a giant 3-ring binder in her lap.  She looked at me expectantly, as the tape recorder whirred in between us.  I was interviewing for a potential teaching position in her district – ideally, in her school – and my … [Read more…]

The Umbrella: An Anniversary Story

In the corner of our bedroom sits a large black umbrella.  Though now over twenty years old, it has never been used…and most assuredly will never be.  In fact, it’s only been held once: on a clear and sunny Texas summer afternoon.  Sadly, this umbrella will never serve the purpose for which it was manufactured. … [Read more…]

Great Expectations

You’ve heard it said God moves in mysterious ways.  But what you probably didn’t know is that He also speaks at mysterious times, especially to me. Not like Moses, who witnessed the miracle of a bush completely on fire yet not burning up.  Not like Joseph the carpenter, whose dreams blurred the line between imagination … [Read more…]

A Little Bit of Chicken Fried

Tomorrow is a special day ’round these here parts.  Once again, we get to enjoy the great booming voice of Big Tex as he thunders across Fair Park with his stiffly cheerful, “How-dy, Folks!”  Once again, the Cotton Bowl becomes a prized destination as crowds, loyally dressed and decorated, flood its seating bowl to watch … [Read more…]