Love in 5 Languages, Part 3

I got a little behind this week, so I’m going to catch up from Wednesday.  So now, we move on to the language of words of affirmation.  Oops, better make that quality time, as I got confused on the order! I have a child whose love language is DEFINITELY quality time!   I won’t mention … [Read more…]

Love in 5 Languages, Part 2

This week, we get into the “meat” of the course, the discussion of the actual love languages.  Through my own personal observation, I’m pretty convinced that physical touch is Trey’s primary love language.  Even at age 7, he still loves to snuggle, he holds my hand, and he’s pretty demonstrative in his affection to others. … [Read more…]

Things I wish Jesus hadn’t said

This is an actual class offering at FBC Allen, where Crisana is attending preschool. It sounds like a class I’d love to take – a catchy name with some food for thought to challenge the status quo. But in an effort to get some discussion going among my 4 readers, I pose this question to … [Read more…]

Dealing with Stress

I really wanted to post this yesterday, but it was so late by the time I got home from church & choir that I just gave up. Yesterday was the annual David L. Edwards Faculty Award for Service and Leadership presentation at DTS. This year marked the award’s 10th recipient, and on September 20 we … [Read more…]

The end of an Era

Or at least 13 months. I can assure you, there were days it FELT like an era. And I did enough work in those 13 months to FILL an era. But enough about that. On to the important stuff: As of today at 2:00, I am officially unemployed!

Love in 5 Languages

This fall, I have the privilege of leading a parenting class on Wednesday nights through our DiscipleLife program. I’ll be teaching The 5 Love Languages of Children. Tonight was the overview, where each teacher had the opportunity to present their class and share a little bit about it. For my class, I had found a … [Read more…]