Shout out to Dan!

I know he doesn’t read this blog, or if he does, it’s in secret.  However, you, all 10 of my faithful readers, are witness to the fact that I DID remember his birthday. So, here goes:  a very special rendition of Happy Birthday, just for you my brother. Lots of love from your bratty little … [Read more…]

AI Predictions, Round 2

Last night we were back to old form: watching both nights of American Idol, laughing at contestants’ hair and clothing choices, and predicting what Randy, Paula, and Simon would say. (and stuffing our faces with yummy Taco D – thanks, Teresa!! – but that goes without saying) So it was 70’s week. According to Randy, … [Read more…]

“My Hope”

Several months ago, a fellow piano teacher shared a little of her struggles to compose a song in response to some trials her friends were facing.  She has now completed her song – with a slideshow to boot! – and shared a bit of her journey with the piano teacher’s group: One weekend that was … [Read more…]

Song of Praise

Ah, the old hymns. How comforting their melodies! How sweet their harmonies! How precious their words! And even though I, a dyed-in-the-wool Baptist/Bible Church girl, have never learned those heavenly songs of the Anglican church, I can appreciate anything that helps bring believers closer to God and deeper in their understanding of Him. Something tells … [Read more…]

Great Moments in AI History

It seems like an eternity since we last heard Ryan Seacrest utter those now-famous words: “THIS…is Ammmerican Idol!” It’s been months since Jordin Sparks was crowned pop’s newest queen and the confetti flew.  My friends, the wait is now over!  Let the auditions begin! There were many memorable auditions, many who stood out among the … [Read more…]

I bet he can walk AND chew gum at the same time, too

As a coordination-challenged person I am always in awe of those who can…well…be coordinated.  Like this guy.   Amazing, really. Just some basic info before you watch: 1)  The first half of the video is taped normally, with the camera running forward.  He does all those little “stunts” to prove that the camera is really running … [Read more…]