Psalm 151

I know what you’re thinking: There are only 150 psalms in the Bible.  And you’d be 100% correct. This psalm, however, isn’t in the Bible. It’s in my blog. (and, in all likelihood, linked to Facebook) The psalms are God’s songbook. The psalms were the songs the ancient Israelites sang during times of joyous celebration, … [Read more…]

The Nine Lives of Matt

It’s  a well-known fact that cats have nine lives. A lesser-known, but equally true, fact is that my husband does too. He used his first life when he was a mere six years old. Although he was very sick with pneumonia, his pediatrician was reluctant to use the new-fangled medicine known as antibiotics. Somehow, some … [Read more…]

Keep Calm…and Be Carried

As a baby, I was carried constantly. Swaddled snugly in pink, held tightly with admiration, I knew nothing other than to trust the hands that carried me. As a toddler, I resisted being carried. “I can do it myself!” became my mantra. But still, there were times when I craved the comfort, safety, and security … [Read more…]

Thanks, Dad

A longtime friend and I were catching up recently.  He shared with me that his father had recently passed away, a man I knew only briefly but definitely someone I would characterize as “one of the good guys.”  Having lost my own father, I can empathize with his deep sadness and sense of loss as … [Read more…]

A Tale of Two Fathers

This is a story of two fathers.  They were both from the same family, and in many ways were very much like each other.  They both loved God deeply, their wives completely, their children wholeheartedly.  They both worked tirelessly in their chosen vocations, lived lives of integrity and constancy of character, and gathered excellent reputations.  … [Read more…]

Fellowship of the Ring

It’s Happy Mother’s Day, and I am one happy mother. Not just because I get to enjoy sloppy kisses from my darling children. Not just because I get to wear the name “mom.” And not even just because they give me gifts like this, to show their support of the things I love to do. … [Read more…]

Taking Time to Smell the…Bluebonnets?

April showers bring May flowers. Or so the beloved children’s rhyme goes. But here in Texas, April’s not often so showery, and by May the flowers have withered under the already-scorching summer sun. Instead, what April brings is bluebonnets, the Texas state flower, and lots of ’em.  Especially in the famed “Hill Country”, whose northern … [Read more…]