A Maverick No More

When McGowen Elementary opened its doors on August 27, 2007, we were there. We were a part of many of the “firsts” and “inaugurals” as McGowen formed its identity: family dances, fall carnivals, Mavs Dads events, fundraisers, class parties.  We supported many of the initiatives and helped launch some of the programs that are now … [Read more…]

Watercolour Ponies, Once Again

It seems like only a few days ago I wrote this post about Crisana’s preschool graduation.  But according to my blog, that was May, 2008, meaning six years have passed. And once again, I’m watching those Watercolour Ponies.  Except now, they’re a little bigger, a little more well-defined, a little more recognizable. There are watercolour … [Read more…]


It’s the day every grade-school student in Texas dreads: STAAR testing. For those of you who reside beyond the borders of the Great State of Texas, and even for those who reside inside the borders of the Great State of Texas but who have no clue what the acronym really means, STAAR is the State … [Read more…]

Teacher’s Meeting

Phineas and Ferb claim that there are 104 days of summer vacation.  I say “phooey on you-ey.”  Because apparently we’re being gypped more than 2 weeks. How do I know this?  Tonight was Meet the Teacher at McGowen.  We’re 82 days in, and already it’s time to go check out the classroom, drop off school … [Read more…]