Look, Ma! I’m on TV!

To be honest, Iwasn’t exactly on TV, but the entrance to our neighborhood was. And the old railroad trestle next to our development was. And the “Dead Man’s Curve” under the bridge was. So there. It was quite an interesting day, to say the least. My first day of my “new” normal was definitely…not.

The end of an Era

Or at least 13 months. I can assure you, there were days it FELT like an era. And I did enough work in those 13 months to FILL an era. But enough about that. On to the important stuff: As of today at 2:00, I am officially unemployed!

Love in 5 Languages

This fall, I have the privilege of leading a parenting class on Wednesday nights through our DiscipleLife program. I’ll be teaching The 5 Love Languages of Children. Tonight was the overview, where each teacher had the opportunity to present their class and share a little bit about it. For my class, I had found a … [Read more…]

As ready as a lever bee

Ah, the nuances of the English language. So hard to decipher. Especially when you’re 7. Or 4. As a former English minor in college, I cannot let these miscues go unnoticed. No, I must sit there and laugh myself silly, because after all, my kids are so darn cute. In that spirit, I offer you … [Read more…]

The birth of a blog

After a year of sharing a family blog with my dear husband, I’ve decided it’s time. Time to grow up and have my own blog. This will be my space to share my thoughts, my feelings, my funny moments…my LIFE. It’ll be time for girl chat and hanging out. For letting my hair down and … [Read more…]


Welcome to debily.com. I will be your host for the next several..well…whatevers. We will learn about scrapbooking and other things.