Home Improvement

You wouldn’t think that in a new home we would already be having to do home improvement, but that’s just what we spent lots of time this week doing.  Thanks to my wonderful husband, Crisana’s room is now painted (a lovely shade of pink, very similar to the color of her nursery in our previous … [Read more…]

Perfection in Pigskin

THE PATS DID IT!!! 16-0, BABY!! What a game. It was an interesting night at our house, with both the Pats/Giants game and the Alamo Bowl (Aggies vs. Penn State) being televised simultaneously. So Matt watched the Aggies on the living room tv, and I watched the Pats in the bedroom. Though in support of … [Read more…]

SC meets JC

The past few Sundays, Cottonwood Creek has been sharing these videos as part of their “A Simple Christmas” series. While I’m not sure exactly how they’re connected to the sermon notes, I do have to say they make great entertainment! And so, I give you, “Miracles”: And now, “Jesus vs. Santa”: You’ll have to go … [Read more…]

Every Day is a Great Day!

This happy thought comes courtesy of my son, Trey.  While I was putting him to bed a couple of nights ago, right after we said prayers, he came up with this: T:  “Hey, mom, did you know that every day is a great day?” M:  “Really?  Why is that?” T:  “Okay, Monday I don’t have … [Read more…]