“Goal”post: Month 1

We are officially one month into the New Year, and in order to help keep myself accountable I’ll be keeping track of my progress toward reaching my 2008 goals with a monthly “goal” post. (Get it? “Goal”post? Goalpost? Oh, never mind…) Goalpost #1: Creativity The results on the calendar speak for themselves: an average of … [Read more…]

Pine One Derby!

So Trey calls the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. Last year, conflicts with Upward Basketball’s picture day prevented Trey from being a part of the Pinewood Derby. This was doubly sad considering that out of the whole pack only 3 Tigers entered last year, preventing them from having a design competition in that age division. But … [Read more…]

Gym-time Fun

I saw this at the gym today, and it just struck me as funny. I was on the elliptical, and saw the target heart rate chart on the side of the display. The ages are listed by 10’s, with the target heart rate for both fat burn and cardio zones beside. Upon further study, I … [Read more…]

Ace of Cakes

I can’t really consider myself to be a true Ace of Cakes, but I figure I’m about a 10 – maybe even a Jack! Despite my lack of professional training, or even professional tools, I think I did pretty darn well on my kids’ birthday cakes this year. And because of that, I’m allowing myself … [Read more…]

A High-Five for Crisana!

As of 5:02 P.M. CST, Crisana turned 5 years old! Again, I must ask: How did it happen? In much the same spirit as I offered birthday wishes for Trey, I give you a High-Five list of my favorite things about Crisana. Here goes: 5) Chatty Cathy: It’s been said that women use an average … [Read more…]

“Cross”-examination: Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship (OCBF)

I didn’t do a “cross”-examination last week because we didn’t go to church.  *gasp*  Yes, that’s right.  Due to the popcorn overnighter, we ended up staying home and “resting.” But this week was different.  We headed down south – and I mean south.  Y’all who aren’t from around here parts, lemme fill you in on … [Read more…]

The Importance of a Dash

It’s late, I’m tired, it’s been quite a day. But I’m striving toward my goal of averaging 4 posts a week, so here goes. You can call it “cheating” if you want. I prefer to call it “being resourceful.” And “letting the words speak for themselves.” And “not stealing another person’s thunder.” Today we celebrated … [Read more…]

Great Moments in AI History

It seems like an eternity since we last heard Ryan Seacrest utter those now-famous words: “THIS…is Ammmerican Idol!” It’s been months since Jordin Sparks was crowned pop’s newest queen and the confetti flew.  My friends, the wait is now over!  Let the auditions begin! There were many memorable auditions, many who stood out among the … [Read more…]