Proud of our MVK!

At the end of February I received an exciting email from Trey’s teacher: Trey is the Most Valuable Maverick.  He will be receiving his award this Friday at 8:45 at the Mavs Fan Jam.  I hope to see you there! After doing a little further research, I determined that this was the “big deal”…the award … [Read more…]

DWTS – Double Elimination!

Let the drama begin!  Last season was perhaps the most tragedy-filled Dancing With the Stars seasons ever.  And while the drama off the ballroom floor was amazing, I thought the chemistry between the dancers was equally as captivating.  This year, perhaps because the season is still new, the chemistry just doesn’t seem to be there.  … [Read more…]

To-Do List

It’s spring, and you know what that means! No, no, no, I’m not talking about wearing white shoes and losing an hour of sleep and being totally scared of your own pasty white legs after months of hiding beneath jeans…. What I’m talking about is spring cleaning!! And that means to-do lists! At least it … [Read more…]

AI Predictions: From 11 to 10

Last week was the John Lennon/Paul McCartney Songbook when most everyone sang Beatles songs.  And though not a huge fan of Beatles music (yes, I know, pure sacrilege – but I’m not a huge fan of 60’s music in general, so there) I thought it was a rockin’ week with great performances, great updates of … [Read more…]

Spring Break, Day 1

This week is spring break for us.  We won’t be going out of town or doing any of the fabulous vacations so many in this area seem to do – but I always enjoy the time just to reconnect with friends and hang out with my kids.  The past few days it seems my house … [Read more…]