Braggin’ Rights

The world of papercrafters is large and vast. So many possibilities exist, so many new territories can be explored. Scrapbooking is one of them. Cardmaking is another. Many who scrap cross over to cardmaking. Many who create beautiful, hand-made cards also enjoy designing gorgeous scrapbook pages. I, however, am not one of them. In all … [Read more…]

AI: The Finale

 As we close out another season of American Idol, it’s a great time to reminisce and review the moments that made this year unforgettable. Last night, the AI faithful gathered one last time for our grand finale.  We enjoyed girl talk, lots of yummy food (how many brownies can one girl-fest contain?  Apparently at least … [Read more…]

DWTS: And the winner is…

My prediction: Although Cristian and Jason have done very well this year, neither can compare to the technical proficiency and finesse that Kristi has brought every week.  I know some will argue that she has an unfair advantage having been a skater and therefore “dancing on ice” – but I would argue that figure skating … [Read more…]

A Rough (riders) Day

It was a Rough day…for the San Antonio Missions. They were no-hit by our Frisco Roughriders! Today, the Roughriders played a doubleheader against the San Antonio Missions, both AA affiliates of the AL West (the Roughriders being the AA affiliate of our Texas Rangers).  Because of that, the first game was only 7 innings, but … [Read more…]


Today was the Eighth Annual Music by DESign Spring Recital! Can it really be eight years already?! What a day – and what a great celebration of my students and their achievements this year. Although I had a roster of 18 students this spring, only 14 performed: 2 are moving and just recently dropped out, … [Read more…]

With age comes wisdom, I guess

With great appreciation to Na-homie of Randomness, I offer you this list of things I’ve come to realize as I have grown…er…shall I say….*ahem* more mature older. 1. I’ve come to realize that: My life, though far from perfect, is pretty darn great 2. I’ve come to realize that, when I talk: I occasionally say … [Read more…]