Word Problems

I hated word problems in school.  I always got them wrong.  Take this, for example:  On Saturday, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim played the Los Angeles Dodgers.  The Angels had 5 hits.  The Dodgers had none.  Who won the game? After spending hours upon  hours mulling this one over, no doubt I would have … [Read more…]


It’s amazing what a little housecleaning can do for my psyche.  Somehow the cleansing of my bathroom toilets promotes a cleansing of my soul.  The washing of the dirty dishes washes away the tiredness and the funk from my emotional “sink.” It’s sad, really, almost a sickness. But it’s worth it, because now, my mind … [Read more…]

This explains a lot

With two weeks back-to-back of camp leadership, I am just about brain-fried. I can offer no salient words of wisdom, no pithy prose. I have no energy for creative thought or humorous musings. Therefore, I unashamedly provide this explanation into the meaning of life as sent to me via email by one of my Bible … [Read more…]

Go Green!

  No, I’m not endorsing some type of ecologically-friendly lifestyle. Rather I am basking in the glory that is the Boston Celtics winning their 17th NBA title. It’s been 22 years since their last title, and the years in between have been mostly forgettable especially in recent history. But the wait was worth it! The … [Read more…]

The Year of the Panda

As part of our Father’s Day celebration, we took a family outing to the movie theater. For most of you, that’s probably not an occasion to blog about. But for us, the last movie we went to as a family was in January to see “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie.” I … [Read more…]

Slip Sliding Away

While we were sweating it out with a couple thousand other scouts and their families in the hot Texas summer, this is what the Rangers were doing at their game at Shea Stadium: I think they had a whole lot more fun.

“The Swim Lesson”: A Special Reader’s Theater for Two Voices

Welcome to today’s edition of “Reader’s Theater”.  For today’s dramatic reading, you will need two voices, preferably one male and one female.  The male voice should be that of a child, approximately 8 years old.  In this narrative, this reader will be referred to as “Big Brother”.  The female voice should also be that of … [Read more…]

What’s wrong with this picture?

I had a rather interesting adventure on my weekly grocery shopping trip to Kroger today. And no, the price of milk had nothing to do with it, although I did happen to notice that the price of gas at a competitor’s pump has officially topped the $4.00/gal mark. *Ouch* And this is Texas, where we’re … [Read more…]