Feeling Blue

There’s an old proverb I once heard that fits our situation perfectly: “When the cat’s away, the mice will play.” Okay, so it only works if by “cat” you mean “boys” and by “mice” you mean “girls”, and if by “will play” you mean “go on a road trip to look at bluebonnets.”  Ah, the … [Read more…]

Wrestling with God

Our church is currently in a series entitled “Movement to Multiply our Heart.”  As part of that sermon series, we are corporately undergoing a 2-week period of wrestling with God, complete with a period of fasting and seeking God in earnest.  Matt and I have been in that place of wrestling with God for the … [Read more…]

Can u rd ths txt?

It’s my birthday.  But I’m not going to tell you how old I am.  The people at Chili’s told everyone I’m celebrating 21.  And they’re right.  This is the 21st celebration of my 21st birthday.  I promise you, I remember it just like it was yesterday, which I’m truly convinced it was. In an effort … [Read more…]