They call me Ninja Blanco


4-1-14 The White NinjaLegend tells of a legendary warrior whose Hapkido skills were the stuff of legend.

She was so powerful, in fact, that her opponents would go blind from over-exposure to pure awesomeness!

She wore her awesome white pajamas

that made her kick real hard and punch real fast and yell real loud.

And if you approached her and tried to grab her wrist, she would do fancy moves that would make you cry “Uncle!”

Or maybe even, “Stop! Ninja Blanco!  You are too powerful!!  You are too AWESOME!”

And she would simply smile

and say, “I know.”

And some day, with much practice, Ninja Blanco will become…Lightning Ninja,

with even more awesomeness and fancy moves than ever before.

So stay tuned.